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Thomas Witt Transportation JLE Industries

Thomas Witt is a Transportation Executive Leader at JLE Industries, one of the fastest growing companies on the East Coast.  

Executive Leader

Since 2023, Thomas Witt has led JLE Industries as an Executive leader.  Backed by 40+ years of experience in the transportation industry, Witt is well-equipped to lead JLE Industries.  Taking an inclusive approach to leadership at JLE, Witt is always excited to collaborate with fellow team members.  The seasoned executive leader brings a career-long dedication to the transportation industry to his role as General Manager.  Navigating the field for decades has helped to equip Witt with a resourceful and knowledgeable toolbelt, which he eagerly brings to the table at JLE.  

Thomas Witt, Transportation Industry leader, previously stood as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Arnold Transportation Services in Arlington, TX before joining the JLE Industries team.  Witt also provides critical insight and feedback to startups and established ventures as a Business Consultant in the transportation industry.  Witt is proud to bring his problem-solving skills and nature to the JLE Industries team. 

About JLE Industries

JLE Industries is one of the fastest-growing companies in the transportation industry.  JLE offers flatbed and freight carrier services across the United States of America.  The company utilizes the latest and greatest technology in the transportation industry, to better serve its customers and team members.  Since its foundation in 2012, JLE Industries has grown to be named the 27th largest and 8th fastest growing flatbed carrier company in the nation.  Thomas Witt looks forward to growing with the company, as JLE expands to reach even greater heights in the field.


JLE Industries totes a state-of-the-art platform, which is directly integrated into all of its services.  This aggressive approach is unique in that it pushes the boundaries of today’s transportation industry technology.  Thomas Witt General Manager of JLE Industries is proud of the impact that the company’s operating software platform has in the way of increasing efficiency at scale.