Thomas Witt

Transportation Executive

Thomas Witt is a seasoned transportation industry leader. Witt currently stands at the helm of JLE Industries as an Executive Leader and provides critical business consultation services as a Transportation Consultant. 

Executive at JLE Industries

As of 2024, Thomas Witt stands as an Executive Leader at JLE Industries.  A soon-to-be leader in the transportation industry, JLE Industries is one of the fastest growing and largest outfits in its field.  Established in 2012, JLE has achieved exponential growth over the last twelve years.  In his role, Witt brings a great deal of experience to the table.  A seasoned executive leader in transportation industry spaces, Witt has culminated unique specialized expertise throughout his career.  As a leading member of the JLE Industries team, Witt is excited to be a part of something that is as innovative as it is efficient and productive. JLE’s operating software platform is set to make waves in the industry, with its state of the art technology.


Professional Affiliations

Eager to keep pace with the latest in the transportation industry, Thomas Witt actively participates in organizations and events in his professional field.  Witt previously maintained leadership roles on the board of directors of T. Carriers Association (TCA), American T. Association (ATA) and Arizona T. Association (ATA). 

Transportation Executive

Backed by a career in the transportation industry spanning more than four decades, Thomas Witt knows a thing or two about transportation.  Evolving his career in tandem with the development of the transportation industry, Witt has remained steadfast in his commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of transportation procedures and technologies.  As a Transportation Executive, Witt provides business consulting services to enterprises in transportation, with specific focus on cost, productivity and risk improvement.

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